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What is the Tight Hip Flexor?

Do not you find it amazing how a single body part can lead to physical discomfort? The body is a true marvel and will only last forever healthy if you pay attention to every single game. To fight back pain and prevent it, you should regularly stretch your hip flexor. Do not forget to train your opponents as well. This is important to prevent muscular imbalances. Among the opponents is especially your hip extensor muscles.

The hip flexor is one of the most important muscles in our body. It includes several muscles that make our hip joints flexible. According to Hip Flexor Info, the largest hip flexor muscle is the double- sized large lumbar muscle or psoas major muscle. It begins at the front of the lowest thoracic vertebra and the top four lumbar vertebrae and then passes over the pelvic ring to the inside of the thigh bone.

For example, it allows us to move our legs towards the upper body. It tenses and bends or shorts. When we stand or lie down, the two large loins are elongated. Normally, the muscles change their shape again and again and thus remain functional. Lack of exercise, however, brings them out of balance.

Too much sitting shortens the hip flexor

When sitting, the iliopsoas is very tense and bent. If this happens over a longer period, for example at a job in the office or as a truck driver, he "gets used" to this permanent condition. Without enough, balancing movement, he now learns that sitting in the normal position and it can remain tense and shortened.

If we now come to a halt from sitting, the Tight Hip Flexors can no longer stretch completely. The altered posture strongly affects the vertebrae and discs around the lumbar region and can lead to painful tension in the back muscles. Other consequences include herniated discs and pain in the sacroiliac joint, in the hip area or on the thighs.

Is the Iliopsoas shortened?

If you want to find out if your hip flexor may be too short, just lie down on a mat on the floor. Grasp one knee and pull it as close as possible to your breastbone. Her shoulders remain firmly on the mat. Now watch your other outstretched leg: Is it in contact with the mat? Then the hip flexor muscles are healthy. On the other hand, if it lifts off the ground, the muscles are shortened.

To make sure that a shortened hip flexor causes your back pain, make an appointment with your orthopedist. The faster muscular shortening is detected and treated, the lower the risk of consequential damage.

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